Aubrey, Thomas
1808-1867; e.m. 1826

Welsh WM minister, from Cefncoedcymer, near Merthyr Tydfil, and known as 'Owbre Fawr' ('the Great Aubrey'), he was born on 13 May 1808. He was converted and began to preach at 15 while working in an iron mill. He made up for his lack of early education by constant study and became one of the most outstanding preachers, lecturers and statesmen in Welsh WM. He was Chairman of the North Wales District 1854-1865. His evangelical zeal introduced a new spirituality that prepared the way for the 1859 Revival. He was a stalwart defender of WM doctrine in the era of theological disputes, and of its Constitution against the Wesle Bach reformers. By establishing District Home Mission and Chapel Funds and a Jubilee Fund he opened a new chapter of self-supportive independence in Welsh WM. He was a noted temperance advocate. He died at Rhyl on 15 November 1857.

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