Goodman, William
1842-1901; e.m. 1863

PM minister, born at Stelling Minnis, Kent. The family moved to Spalding, as his father was employed by Morton Peto & Co, then constructing the Eastern Counties Railway. Before becoming an itinerant, he was emplyed by W.H. Smith in their railway bookstalls at Peterborough and then at Birkenhead, and at 18 became secretary of the Liverpoool YMCA. Recognized for his administrative skills, he served as secretary of the PM Itinerants Friendly Society and initiated the Itinerants Association for the Manchester District. He wrote a series of handbooks for the use of trustees and officers managing PM property. He was secretary of the PM General Committee 1894-1899 and President of the Conference in 1899. He died on 9 April 1901.

  • PM Magazine, 1900 pp.3-5; 1903 pp.321-4

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