Grandin, Lilian Mary

Bible Christian medical missionary in south-west China, she was the daughter of Frank Grandin, a successful businessman and leading Bible Chistian in St. Helier, Jersey. He was one of the lay representatives chosen to attend the uniting Conference at Wesley's Chapel, London in 1907. Two of his six daughters served in the BC mission in China.

From an early age Lilian took an interest in the China mission and felt called to serve there. Educated at the Jersey Ladies College, she obtained both an LRCP and an LRCS at Edinburgh, then studied midwifery in Dublin and eye diseases and tropical medicine in London. In 1905 the BC Conference atExeter accepted her for service in China and she sailed with other missionaries from Southampton on 11 January 1906. From Shanghai they travelled by river boat up the Yangtze to Chaotung, Yunnan Province, where she worked as a partner of Dr. Lewis Savin. Later she worked with Sam Pollard among the Miao and helped to nurse him when he was savagely beaten by a local tribe.

She was briefly married to Edwin John Dingle (1886-1972), a travel writer whom she met in western China. After her marriage she appears in the UM Minutes of 1907 under her married name. But her husband was an eccentric figure and her marriage appears to have failed. She was back in Jersey during the First World War, but returned to China in 1920, serving in Shanghai, Hankow and Wenchow before eventually returning to Chaotung, where she died of typhus on 5 December 1924. A set of commemorative stamps was issued in her memory by the Jersey Post Office in 1976.

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