Gratton, Enoch
1837-1931; e.m. 1861

MNC and BC minister, born in Hanley, Stoke on Trent. Brought up in the MNC, he went to work in a pottery at 7, was converted at an early age and began to testify and work for God. In 1861 he was sent to Newcastle upon Tyne to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of William Booth and exercised a successful ministry there. He devoted himself to literary activity and gained access to the public press, was a helpful counsellor to the young and kept abreast of the latest theological learning. In Birmingham (18651867) he was closely associated with the Gladstone-Bright school of political thought which held that 'that can never be politically right which is morally wrong'. In 1883 he was appointed to Maughan MNC Church, Adelaide before transferring to the BC Church in 1888. He served as a tutor for ministerial candidates at Way College, Brighton, South Australia and was President of the BC Conference in 1894.