Houghton, John
1858-1886; e.m. 1881

He and his wife Annie were pioneer UMFC missionaries in Kenya. He was born at Shevington, Wigan, Lancs. on 26 March 1858. His family moved while he was still young to Lamberhead Green and then, when he was eleven, to Denton, where he worked in a hat factory. He trained for the ministry at the UMFC theological institute, Victoria Park College, Manchester, 1879-1881. He served for three years in English circuits. In 1884 he married Annie Brown (born on 15 May 1852), a hat trimmer from Stockport and they arrived in East Africa in November 1884. They left for Golbanti, Kenya, in January 1886 to establish a mission in an area that had not previously been visited by a white woman. They survived a raid on 24 February, but on 3 May, while plastering the chapel, they were murdered by marauding Masai raiders.

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