Hudspeth, William Harrison
1887-1976; e.m. 1909

UM missionary in China, born on 17 July 1887 at Willington, Co. Durham. Joining the Yunnan mission in 1909, he was one of only four missionaries to master the Miao language. His charismatic personality endeared him to Chinese and Miao alike. After the death of Samuel Pollard, he supervised the publication of the Miao NT and also undertook its revision in 1936, the year he was appointed China Secretary for the Bible Society in Shanghai. Interned during World War II, he suffered savage spells of torture and interrogation. Subsequently he served as General Secretary of the Bible Society in Canada. He died at Beckenham on 9 May 1976.

  • W.H. Hudspeth, Stone-Gateway and the Flowery Miao (1937)
  • Methodist Recorder, 20 May 1976


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