Hughes, Dr Henry Maldwyn
1875-1940; e.m. 1898

Theologian, born on 17 September 1875 at Trefeglwys, Mont., the son of the Rev. John Hughes. Educated at Kingswood School and the University College of Wales, he was Principal of Wesley House, Cambridge, 1921-1937. He was a sound scholar, respected by his students and the University, but an indifferent lecturer. He published What is the Atonement? (1924) and a much used textbook, Christian Foundations: an Introduction to Christian Doctrine (1927). At the *Methodist Church Congress in 1929 he spoke on 'The Divine Ideal for the Individual Christian'. An eloquent preacher with a social concern, he was elected President of the WM Conference in 1932, but served only during the brief interval before Methodist Union. He was the father of Donald W. Hughes and H. Trevor Hughes. He died suddenly on 20 August 1940.

  • Methodist Recorder<, 22 Aug 1940