Jeffs, Harry
1860-post 1932

Warwick-born Congregationalist, Liberal, journalist, began his career on the Wolverhampton Express and Star, founded in the 1880s by Andrew Carnegie. From 1885 to 1926 he edited the Christian World and Christian World Pulpit, being succeeded in both posts by his son of the same name (c.1885-1973). Marrying the daughter of George Jackson, the Leamington PM circuit steward, he joined the Primitive Methodists about 1896 under the influence of H.B. Kendall and Samuel Horton. He became a local preacher and began working among the young people of Balham. Active in the mainly Free Church 'Brotherhood Movement', he was its President from 1926. Along with Henry Yooll he established the PM Central Lay Council for Local Preacher Training, serving as its lay secretary, homiletics tutor and examiner. His literary output reflected his interest in preaching and the Brotherhood Movement and included Practical Preaching and Speaking to Men (1907), The Art of Sermon Illustration (1909) and Keepers of the Faith: Europe (1937).

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