Kingsmead College, Selly Oak, Birmingham

From 1906 Kingsmead was a Quaker missionary college in Selly Oak, Birmingham, which also trained UM women from 1915 and WM women from 1917. Methodists were soon the largest group in the student body and the college came under Methodist control in 1946. Prior to 1932 both men and women from all three branches of Methodism had been trained there, but from Methodist Union until 1966 it was the Women's Work college, while men were prepared at St Andrew's College nearby. From 1967 it was again a joint college, still serving Scandinavian missionary societies too and increasingly welcoming students from Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. New buildings were added from time to time. In 1993 Kingsmead closed and its work was carried on jointly with the USPG in what became the United College of the Ascension.

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