Lauder, Alexander

Methodist architect, born in Barnstaple on 27 July 1835. He studied art and architecture in Edinburgh and practised as an architect in Barnstaple, where he was twice mayor. He also ran an art pottery. He married Eliza M. Widlake, a WM, and became a leading layman. Among the WM chapels he designed were a dozen locally, including Ilfracombe, South Molton (1882), Boutport Street (1869) and Newport Road (1911), both in Barnstaple, five in London, Southgate, Chichester (1877) and Trinity, Bury St. Edmunds (1878).

W.R. Lethaby (1857-1931), brought up in a BC home in Barnstaple, was his pupil and assistant from 1871 to 1878 and went on to become an eminent Arts and Crafts architect and Surveyor of Westminster Abbey. Another of his apprentices was Walter Richmond Butler (1864-1949), who had an outstanding practice in Australia and was Melbourne diocesan architect.

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