Lessey, Theophilus, Jun.
1787-1841; e.m. 1808

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WM minister, born in Penzance. He was the son of Theophilus Lessey Sen. (e.m. 1786; died 1821) who 'united ardent zeal with scriptural knowledge'. He was born on 7 April 1787, baptized by John Wesley and educated at Kingswood School. A powerful preacher, he was much in demand on special occasions such as the opening of Brunswick Chapel (1825) and Oxford Place Chapel (1835), Leeds. He was President of the Conference in 1839, the WM Centenary year, the first minister's son to be elected to that office. He died suddenly in London on 10 June 1841.


'Lessey, like [Robert] Newton had the build of an orator, though he was neither quite so tall nor so handsome; but he was much more intellectual looking. I never gazed upon such a majestic oratorical scowl as Lessey could assume upon occasion. His mere delivery of the hymns well repaid my sixteen miles' walk… He was beyond compare the finest reader of the Scriptures I ever listened to.'

Benjamin Gregory, Autobiographical Recollections (1903) pp.207-8

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