Lomas, Robert
c.1769-1810; e.m.1789

Revivalist preacher. He was appointed WM Book Steward from 1804 to 1808 because of 'his ability as an arithmetician'. The Conference of 1808 passed a resolution thanking him for 'his very laborious, faithful and successful service in our Book-Room' and asking him to become General Auditor of the accounts. He died on 11 June 1810.

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His son John Lomas (1798-1877; e.m.1820) was born at Hull on 13 December 1798. Converted at the age of 10, while a pupil at Kingswood School, he joined the staff there in 1813 and at the age of 22 became Headmaster (from 1819 to 1823). He was elected President of the Conference in 1853. He was theological tutor at Richmond College 1861-1868 and at Headingley College 1868-1873 and remained a bachelor. His obituary is guarded: 'He taught a theology that was biblical rather than scholastic and historical. He was not anxious to compose a completely elaborated and rounded system... With his students he was frank, genial and patient.' He retired to Redland, Bristol in 1873 and died there on 20 August 1877.

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