Longbottom, William
1799-1849; e.m. 1827

WM missionary to India and Australia, born in Bingley, Yorks. After seven years in Madras, he went to Cape Town to recover his health and was then appointed to the Swan River Mission in Perth, WA. Arriving in Hobart early in 1835, he sailed for Fremantle in a small brig which was wrecked off the South Australia coast, After various vicissitudes the party reached Adelaide in August 1838, where a WM society had been formed the previous year. He organized the church there by introducing 'the whole system of our admirable discipline'. He died in Adelaide on 29 July 1849.

  • J. Haslam, The History of Wesleyan Methodism in South Australia (Adelaide, 1886)
  • Australian Dictionary of Evangelical Biography

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