Mathieson, John, FRSE, FRSGS

Gaelic scholar, born at Durness, Sutherland. He was trained as a surveyor and cartographer and became a Division Superintendent of HM Ordnance Survey. A Gaelic speaker and scholar, greatly interested in old Gaelic names, he joined the Place Names committee in 1906 and in 1938 became its convener. In 1909 he accompanied the polar explorer W.S. Bruce to Spitzbergen - the first of a number of visits during which he surveyed Klaas Billken Bay and produced the first accurate map of Prince Charles Foreland. His geological experience helped to develop coal-mining there. Beginning in 1927, with his wife, he surveyed St. Kilda, produced a report on 'The Antiquities of the St. Kilda Group' for the Proceedings of the Society of Antiquities of Scotland and made a map of St. Kilda on a scale of 6 inches to a mile. He was awarded the Gold Medal of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society in 1927. He served for many years as a class leader, society steward and circuit steward of the Edinburgh Mission, and as superintendent of the Sunday afternoon children's service there..

  • Methodist Recorder, 21 June 1945
  • Scottish Geographical Magazine, vol. 61 (1945)
  • Year Book of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 1947

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