McConnell, H. Ormonde, MBE
1904-1998; e.m. 1930

Irish missionary inHaiti, born on 27 February 1904 at Clonakilty, the son of Henry McConnell (1866-1953; e.m. 1893). He was educated Methodist College and Queen's University, Belfast. He served in Haiti from 1933 until his retirement in 1970. On his arrival In Haiti the work of the Methodist Church was at a low ebb, but McConnell's vision and life-long commitment to the island and its people contributed to the Church's survival, renewal and growth and benefited many thoughout the community. He was ably supported in every way by his wife Primrose, who led groups and spoke at meetings. A man of faith, prayer and vision, he played a central part with the government in developing an extensive literacy programme in which Haitian Creole was written phonetically and the Laubach teaching method was adapted to local conditions. He helped to establish Nouveau College Bird, the training college for rural teachers, as well as rural rehabilitation projects at Jeremie and La Gonave, dozens of rural schools and literacy centres and Sunday schools. He enabled the World Church to respond to natural disasters in Haiti. He died at Brookborough on 5 January1998. His son Patrick M. McConnell (1935-  ; e.m. 1958) also served in Haiti.

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  • Leslie Griffiths, A History of Methodism in Haiti (1991) pp.247-90, 350-60

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