Meriton, John
c. 1698-1753

Evangelical clergyman, who resigned his Norfolk living and was converted during a period in the Isle of Man. He met John Wesley in 1741 and soon afterwards became his travelling companion and secretary. Though also associated with George Whitefield, he inclined towards the Arminianism of the Wesleys. In 1744 he went with Charles Wesley on his tour of Cornwall, attended the Conference in London and accompanied John Wesley to Oxford when he preached his last University sermon at St Mary's. In 1747 he and Charles Wesley were mobbed in Devizes. After 1748 he and John Wesley were estranged, Wesley describing him as 'one that has the fear of God, but with small measure of understanding'. Charles Wesley in an elegy says he was 'born to a double share of woe' and 'long tossed on life's tempestuous sea'.

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