Fish, Sir Wilfred, CBE

Leading dental surgeon, educated at Kingswood School 1904-1910. The son of the Rev. George M.C. Fish (1863-1923; e.m. 1886), he was noted for his independence of thought and was later an agnostic, but retained a pride in his Methodist ancestry and an extensive knowledge of the Bible. He graduated from Manchester University Dental School, served with the RAMC during World War I, then practised as a dentist in Kent and London. In 1925 he joined the staff of the London Dental Hospital, extending his knowledge into the fields of bacteriology and human physiology. He was a pioneer in improved care of the teeth and improved training of dentists. He was instrumental in the inclusion of dental treatment in the Welfare State. Lord Beaverbrook and Winston Churchill were among his distinguished patients. He was awarded a London DSc and during a distinguished career was Consultant Dental Surgeon at St. Mary's and the Royal Dental Hospitals, London and at the Meyerstein Research Centre, which was founded for him. Elected to the UK Dental Board in 1939, he became its chairman in 1944 and was President of the General Dental Council 1956-1964. He was the first President of the British Society of Periodontology, which he helped to found, and received many honorary awards. He had a keen sense of humour and a lively interest in the meaning and origin of words. In retirement he became a keen gardener. He was remembered as 'a gifted teacher, an ardent campaigner, an expert practitioner, a trusted adviser and leader, a great personality'.

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