Molineux, James
1791-1873; e.m. 1836

WMA minister, born at Kennington, Leigh, west of Manchester. Originally a weaver, he later became a schoolmaster and began to prosper. In 1816 he became a WM local preacher, but joined the WMA and entered its ministry. His stylish preaching in the LiverpoolCircuit from 1839-1842 is said to have driven away 'most of the zealous labourers in the Society'. Nevertheless he served as Connexional Secretary 1839-1840 and again in 1851-1853 and was President of the Association in 1838 and 1845. He retired to Rochdale in 1853 and died on 13 November 1873.

  • T.P. Dale, The History of Brunswick Church, Bury (Bury, 1896)

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