Morrell, Robert

Banker, born at Sowerby, near Thirsk. He joined WM in 1814, and the following year was engaged by Beckett's Old Bank, Leeds, moving in 1822 to Glynn Mills, London and a year later to a Ripon bank. In 1828 he married Ann Wilson (1796-1863), the WM daughter and granddaughter of Anglican clerics. Appointed to the York City & County Bank's Selby Branch in 1831, he remained in the town until his death. He was an active WM, a member of the Temperance Society from 1838 and a local historian.

Their son William Wilberforce Morrell (1837-1904) also worked for the York County Bank, was active in York WM and on the School Board. In 1869 he married Lydia Hutchinson (1832-1931), of an old Quaker farming family. Their son John Bewes Morrell (1875-1963) maintained the York WM connection, served as Liberal councillor, alderman and Lord Mayor and became a director of the Quaker firm of Rowntrees. He had close links with the York Friends, was active in preserving a number of the city's old buildings, and his trust gave financial support for the the establishing of the university.

  • Anne Vernon, Three Generations: the fortunes of a Yorkshire Family (1966)


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