Moss, Richard Waddy
1850-1935; e.m. 1869

The grandson of the Rev. Richard Waddy and the son of William Samuel Fletcher Moss (1817-1870; e.m. 1838), a missionary to the West Indies. His mother was Jane Dousland Moss (née Waddy). He was both a pupil and a junior master at Kingswood School. From 1888 he was in turn Classical Tutor (1888-1902), Theological Tutor (1902-1915) and Principal (1913-15) at Didsbury College. He received a DD from McGill University, Montreal and was President of the Conference in 1915. He delivered the Fernley Lecture in 1898 on The Range of Christian Experience and wrote a life of W.B. Pope (1909). He died on 13 November 1935.