North, Dr Christopher Richard
1888-1975; e.m. 1912

Old Testament scholar, born in Dulwich on 8 April 1888 and educated at a school for orphans. He worked in a London office before being accepted for the WM ministry and was trained at Didsbury College. He obtained his MA at the School of Oriental and African Studies while a minister at Chertsey and Walton-on-Thames, and after two years in NorthIndia was appointed OT tutor at Handsworth College in 1925. After World War II he was appointed to the Chair of Hebrew at the University College of North Wales, Bangor. His main publications were The Suffering Servant in Deutero-Isaiah (1948) and a commentary on Isaiah 40-55 (1952). He received an honorary DD from Aberdeen University. He was active in the Society for OT Study and was elected its President in 1949. He died at Bangor, N. Wales, on 29 July 1975.

His son, also Christopher (c. 1917-2005) became a leading plant breeder at the Scottish Horticultural Research Institute at Invergowrie, Dundee.

  • Times 4 Aug 1975
  • Methodist Recorder, 7 Aug 1975