Petty, John
1807-1868; e.m. 1826

PM minister, born on 27 December 1807 at Salterford in Craven. From 1822 visiting PM preachers stayed at his boyhood home. When stationed at Haverfordwest in 1826 he became the first missionary to be accredited by the General Missionary Committee. He served as Assistant Connexional Editor in 1851 and Editor 1852-57, and was President of the Conference in 1860. In 1864 he became first Governor of Elmfield College and was the first Theological Tutor of candidates for the PM ministry when ministerial training began there. Among his many publications were a History of the PM Connexion (1st edition 1859), Systematic Theology (1873) and The PM Catechisms. He died on 22 April 1868. Petty Memorial (later Trinity), Monkgate, York (1905), was named in his memory.

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