President's Council

The 1969 Report on Departmental Structure and Function recommended that policy matters should become the responsibility of a President's Council, with the General Purposes and Policy Committee reverting to its former functions. The Council was appointed from 1971, with responsibility, inter alia, to keep in constant review the life of the Methodist Church; to give spiritual leadership; to supervise and promote liaison in the work of the connexion; to formulate policy development.

Its functions in advising the Conference on connexional budgeting matters were subsequently given to the Mission and Service Fund Budget Committee in 1979.It consisted of 33 members, including ministerial and lay district representation on a rota basis, 4 Conference-elected members (to include two women) and Divisional General Secretaries.In 1994, following its 1992 Report on Divisional Structure and Function, the Council was abolished, its functions being amalgamated with those of the General Purposes and Budget Committees and (in 1996) those of the Divisional Boards in the Methodist Council.

See also Restructuring

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