Pickett brothers

Three brothers entered the PM ministry, James Pickett (1853-1918: em.1876) was Secretary of the General Missionary Committee, 1903-1908. He was President of the Conference in 1908, and delivered the Hartley Lecture on 'The Modern Missionary Crisis' in 1913. He died on 22 August 1918. Frederick Pickett (1855-1934: em.1881) was born at Wootton Bassett on 20 October 1855 and died on 6 July 1934. Henry John Pickett (1860-1931), born at Wootton Bassett on 1 January 1860 was principal of Hartley College, 1913-1918 and gave the Hartley Lecture in 1922 on 'The Hebrew Prophet and the Modern Preacher'. He died on 23 November 1931.

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