Quet(t)eville, Jean de
1761-1843; e.m. 1786

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Pioneer of WM in the Channel Islands, born on 22 May 1761 at St Martin, Jersey. He was educated at Winchester College, where he was confirmed. He returned home in 1777, came under Methodist influence and was converted in 1783. He felt a call to preach and did so in Jersey until 1786, when the Conference accepted him as an itinerant on the recommendation of R. C. Brackenbury, sending him as a bilingual preacher to Guernsey. As a colleague of Brackenbury, and later of Adam Clarke, he also worked in Alderney and Sark and faced bitter hostility. His offer to serve in Nova Scotia was not taken up. Instead, he was ordained by Thomas Coke, who took him on an his abortive mission to Paris. In 1804 his health began to deteriorate and he became a Supernumerary in 1816, though continuing to preach and visit the sick. In retirement he edited a new edition of the 1795 hymn-book (1818) and a Sunday School hymnal (1835), founded and edited Le Magasin M├ęthodiste from 1817 to 1841, and translated a number of religious books into French. He died on 1 February 1843.

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