Ritson, Dr John Holland
1868-1953; e.m. 1891

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WM minister, born in Bolton on 21 February 1868. He graduated from Balliol College, Oxford, trained for the ministry at Headingley College and was then Assistant Tutor at Didsbury College from 1891 to 1894. He married Jane Sykes Lamplough, youngest sister of the Lamplough brothers. As a general secretary of the British and Foreign Bible Society from 1899 to 1931, he travelled widely and was involved in reorganizing the work in Canada and Australia. He played a part in the first International Missionary Council in Edinburgh, 1910 and, although not engaged in full-time connexional or circuit work, was elected to the Legal Hundred that year. As a member of the Ministerial Training Committee, he was closely involved in the opening of Wesley House, Cambridge. He was President of the 1925 Conference and received honorary doctorates at Oxford and McGill University, Montreal. He died at Seaford on 27 August 1953.

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