Robins, Paul
1804-1890; e.m. 1823

BC itinerant, born on 6 September 1804 into a Wesleyan household near Luxulyan, Cornwall. He began to worship with the BCs in 1819, after hearing the female itinerant Ann Cory preach, and was converted in December that year.

He travelled in home circuits until emigrating to Canada in 1846. He was Secretary of the Conference and Financial Secretary several times and President of the Conference in 1836 and 1843. In Canada he was Secretary of the Chapel Committee 1842-1846, of the Missionary Committee 1844-1846 and of the Home Missions Committee 1847-1851.His methodical habits, natural business acumen and sound judgement were features of his entire ministry.He married fellow itinerant Ann Vickery in 1831, who continued her ministry even through the birth of two children. She died at Bowmanville in Canada before 1854.

Robins continued his ministry in Canada and in 1854 returned to England to negotiate the successful establishment of a Canadian Conference. During this visit he married female itinerant Mary Ann Taylor. In 1864, the Canadian Conference being minded to set up a Book Room, Robins was asked to take charge of it. From nothing the concern showed a profit of $2000 after six years. After a four-year appointment on half stipend begun when he was 66, he retired to Bowmanville to keep the accounts of the Book Room. He died there sixteen years later, on 29 April 1890. His wife survived him.