Rodda, Martin
1742- 1815

Born at Sancreed, near Redruth, one of a family of ten, three of whom (including Richard Rodda) were preachers. Preaching began in the family home c. 1750. He was converted c. 1756 and began to preach c.1760. Accepted as an itinerant in 1763, he ceased to travel in 1766 after a dispute in the Pembroke Circuit,but was reinstated in 1768. In 1774 he was sent to America, where he helped to bring Freeborn Garretson into the itinerancy. In the Kent Circuit, Maryland in 1777 his open loyalty to the British crown was a cause of serious embarrasment to Asbury and other British preachers. He circulated George III's proclamation in 1777, was arrested, sought refuge with the British Fleet and was forced to flee the country in the spring of 1778. Back in England, he served until 1781 and then retired. His subsequent career, probably in Cornwall, is unclear.

  • E.S. Bucke (ed.), The History of American Methodism (1964) vol.1, p.141

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