Rowe, George Stringer
1830-1913; e.m. 1853

WM minister, born in Margate on 1 February 1830 and educated at Wesley College, Sheffield and at Didsbury College. He was President's Assistant in 1857. In his circuit ministry he found the training of young people particularly congenial and the hymn for which he is chiefly remembered, 'Cradled in a manger meanly' (HP 98; SF 197) first appeared in the Christmas number of At Home and Abroad and in the Sunday School Hymn-Book of 1879. He was Governor and tutor in Pastoral Theology at Headingley College 1888-1904, wrote biographies of the missionaries John Hunt and James Calvert and The Psalms in Private Devotion (1884), and completed the Life of Jabez Bunting by his son (1887). He died at Bromley, Kent on 18 August 1913.

  • Methodist Recorder, 21 Aug 1913