Sargant, Norman Carr
1909-1982; e.m. 1931

Missionary in India, born at Highgate on 3 January 1909 into a well-known London Methodist family. His mother belonged to the Walters family; five of his maternal uncles were Methodist preachers and two of them becamePresident of the Conference. He was educated at The Leys School and Handsworth College. He served in several circuits of the Kanarese-speaking Mysore District from 1931 to 1947, and then in the Mysore Diocese, CSI until 1972. Becoming Bishop in 1951, he not only travelled even more widely, but poured his great energy and administrative ability into meeting diocesan needs. He was a noted supporter of Indian nationalism. In retirement he became an honorary canon of Bristol Cathedral and was working on a history of the Church in Mysore when he died in Bristol on 17 September 1982. His brother was the psychiatrist William W. Sargant.

  • Methodist Recorder,7 Oct 1982