Shaw, Dr William (1854-1937)
1854-1937; e.m. 1878

Missionary toAustralia, born at Newport, Salop. He entered the MNC ministry in 1878. After several English circuits he was sent to Melbourne, Victoria to superintend the Richmond MNC Circuit. In 1888 the MNC withdrew from Australia and Shaw negotiated a merger with WM. He served, as a WM minister, 11 years in Victoria and 6 in Tasmania, before transferring to South Australia and ministering at Archer Street, North Adelaide until his retirement. Interested in young people, he became State and National President of the Christian Endeavour movement. He was President of the South Australia Conference in 1918. After retirement he led an evangelical programme called the Spiritual Advance Crusade. A powerful expository preacher, he was a careful, conservative scholar prepared to accept much of the new biblical scholarship. His textbook Christian Theology (1928), written at the request of the General Conference, gained him a DD from McGill University, Montreal.

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