Squance, Thomas Hall
1790-1868; e.m. 1812

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One of the six missionaries who accompanied Thomas Coke to Asia in 1814. Born at Exeter on 3 February 1790, the son of a market gardener, he had a conversion experience in 1805, joined the Methodists and became a local preacher. After preaching a trial sermon at Musgrave's Alley chapel, he was accepted for the ministry in 1812 and appointed to the Liskeard Circuit. His missionary enthusiasm led him to offer for the mission to Asia. Ordained at Great Queen Street chapel, London in December 1813, he accompanied Coke and his band of missionaries to Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). He served at Galle before moving to Jaffna on health grounds, where he learned Tamil and printed a Tamil grammar..He then moved to southern India before returning home in 1822 because of poor health. During forty years in English circuits he remained an enthusiastic advocate of overseas missions. He retired in 1862 in failing health and died on 21 April 1868.

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