Stacey, Dr James
1818-1891; e.m. 1839

MNC minister, born in Sheffield on 28 February 1818. He was appointed first Principal of Ranmoor College after some years of training ministerial students at his home. He was sole tutor 1865-1876, then classical tutor 1876-1879. His sensitive and cultured piety had a lasting influence on those who went through his hands. He was Missions Secretary 1859-1863 and 1879-1886 and was elected President of the 1860 and 1881 Conferences. His books included The Christian Sacraments Explained (1856) and a life of John Ridgway (1862). He died on 11 May 1891.

  • G.J. Stevenson, Methodist Worthies (1884-1886), 4 pp.628-34
  • W.J. Townsend, James Stacey, DD. Reminiscences and Memorials (1891)

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