Stacey, Dr Walter David
1923-1993; e.m. 1947

He was born in Bristol on 12 May 1923 and educated at Handsworth College, where he remained as Assistant Tutor (1951-53) before becoming chaplain at Queen's College, Taunton, then Lecturer in Biblical Languages and Literature at Wesley College, Bristol, 1967-71. After a period as lecturer in Religious Studies at Homerton College, Cambridge, and Chaplain to Robinson College, he returned to Wesley College as Principal in 1977, married Morna Hooker in 1978 and retired in 1987. He was Book Editor of the Epworth Review from 1974. His works include The Pauline View of Man (1956), Prophetic Drama in the OT (1990) and a commentary on Isaiah 1-39 (1993). In 1993 he gave the Peake Memorial Lecture on 'The Lord';s Supper as Prophetic Drama'. He died on 26 November 1993, remembered as a man of prophetic insight and courage.

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