Sundius, Christian

Also known as Christopher, he was born on 25 August 1754 in Allerum, Sweden, the son of the rector of the parish. He was an officer in the Swedish army, who served in the British Navy till 1780, when ordered by the Swedish government to enter the French service. This he refused to do; he was converted the same year and joined the City Road society in London. His second wife (1798) was Jane Vazeille Smith, daughter of William Smith and John Wesley's step-granddaughter. A ship and insurance broker, he became a translator to the Admiralty, was a member of the Committee of Privileges and in 1804 one of the founders of the British and Foreign Bible Society. He served the society as a translator. He was also a director of the London Missionary Society and a trustee of the Swedish Protestant Church in London. He died on 2 March 1835. The family grave is at Wesley's Chapel, London

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