Warner, George
1829-1899; e.m. 1851

PM missioner, born on 8 November 1829 at Southam, Warwicks. Following his conversion at Worcester c.1848, he had experienced the 'second blessing' of entire sanctification and entered the PM iitinerancy in 1851. He proved himself to be a highly effective evangelist and the Conference of 1867 sent him to superintend the Irish Mission for three years. In 1874 he was set apart for evangelistic work, with special emphasis on scriptural holiness. (He claimed to have read through the Bible while on his knees twenty-seven times.) In 1887, following the death of his wife, his health showed signs of the strain under which he had been working and he was enabled to take a voyage to Australia. While there he was married a second time. He returned to England in 1890, but after one year in circuit retired to Wootton Bassett. He died at Settle on 14 April 1899.

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