Wakefield, Thomas
1836-1901; e.m. 1858

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UMFC missionary in Kenya, born in Derby on 23 June 1836. He was one of four UMFC missionaries who sailed for East Africa in 1861. The others were invalided home within months, but Wakefield settled at Ribe, inland from Mombasa, and began what eventually became the Methodist Church, Kenya. He stayed for 25 years, often alone, often ill, and his first wife, infant son and three colleagues are buried at Ribe. He travelled throughout the coastal area and baptized the first 21 Kenyan converts in 1870. He made translations into Kiswahili and into the language of the Galla, who were believed to be far more numerous than proved to be the case. He was President of the UMFC Assembly in 1888. He died in Southport on 15 December 1901.

  • E.S. Wakefield, Thomas Wakefield, missionary and geographical pioneer in East Equatorial Africa (1904)


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