Walters, Christine
1943-  ; e.m 1976

With her twin sister Rosemary she was born in Grimsby and grew up in Birmingham and Petersfield. After a fourteen-year career as a florist she trained at The Queen's College, Birmingham and became a deaconess in 1976. Her circuit ministry included the Victoria Hall in the Bolton Mission (1981-1985) and Surbiton Hill (1985 -1989). From 1989 to 1998 she was Warden of the Wesley Deaconess Order during a period of change resulting from the formation of the Methodist Diaconal Order. She was Vice-President of the Conference in 1994, representing British Methodism at the European Methodist Consultative Conference in Ireland and in many other parts of the world. Her active ministry continued in the Winchester and Bournemouth circuits despite major spinal surgery and, after early retirement to Emsworth, she is involved in the work of the Pastoral Centre at the Methodist Church there.

  • Methodist Recorder, 16 June 1994