Whatcoat, Richard
1736-1806; e.m. 1769

WM itinerant and Bishop of the MEC, he was born in Quinton, Glos., on 23 February 1736, but grew up in Darlaston, from where he entered the ministry. He was one of the two preachers ordained by John Wesley in 1784 for the newly independent American States. As an Elder of the MEC he travelled widely, presiding over groups of circuits and administering the Sacrament. In 1787 the American preachers asserted their independence of Wesley's authority by declining to make Whatcoat a Bishop alongside Francis Asbury. In 1790 he accompanied Asbury on an extensive tour of the southern States. In the 1790s he was so disheartened by the O'Kelly disruption that he seriously considered returning home. But in 1800 he was at length elected as Bishop and continued to travel widely, despite increasing physical weakness. He died at Dover DE on 5 July 1806.

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