Whitham, Alfred Edward
1879-1938; e.m. 1902

A WM minister from a PM home, was born in Chester on 25 September 1879. He held leading pulpits (Brunswick,Leeds, 1918-1925; Nicolson Square, Edinburgh, 1925-1931; Punshon Memorial, Bournemouth, 1931- 1938 ), though never quite attaining the influence of a Weatherhead or Sangster. His sermons were characterized by a love of literature, especially Browning; but he became known chiefly for his catholic predilections, derived from his desire in World War I to love his enemies and fostered by his friendship with the evangelical Samuel Chadwick. In 1935 he became the first President of the Methodist Sacramental Fellowship. His elegant journalism, inspired by his conviction that the life of man is the vision of God, was collected into three volumes after his death. He died in Bournemouth on 10 February 1938.

  • Methodist Recorder, 27 January & 3 February 1938
  • Norman Wallwork, The Gospel Church Secure; the official history of the Methodist Sacramental Fellowship (2013), pp.37-38