Winston, William Ripley
1847-1918; e.m. 1872

WM missionary, born in Preston on 18 June 1847. After 14 years in North Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) he launched the WM mission in Upper Burma (now Myanmar) in 1886. His missionary strategy was learned under John Kilner and Edmund Rigg (1838-1906; e.m. 1865). He nurtured an indigenous ministry and opened schools in strategic centres as a means of evangelism. His social and philanthropic ventures included a home for lepers. He returned home in 1898 on health grounds and in 1912 was elected to the Legal Hundred. He died at Blairgowrie on 26 November 1918.

His son Frederick Dyson Winston (1880-1970; e.m. 1904) also served in Burma, from 1904 to 1913.

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