Wiseman, Frederick Daniel

Born on 4 January 1895, the son of the Rev. Dr. F. Luke Wiseman. He was Managing Editor of the Methodist Recorder from 1934 until his death in 1952. He was described as 'something of a rebel' whose 'dissatisfaction with institutional Christianity ... led him, under the influence of the Rev. Cecil Rose, to identify himself with the Oxford Group'. In St. Albans he was a member of the city Council and chairman of the local Liberal Party. He was also a county councillor. His concern for young people was manifest in the special interest he took as a magistrate in the work of the Juvenile Court and in his voluntary work as a youth leader in the Marlborough Road Methodist Church. Having attended the General Conference of the American Methodist Church, he eagerly fostered Anglo-American Methodist relationships. He died suddenly on 1 October 1952.


'There was an honesty and directness in the work of Frederick Daniel Wiseman which won the respect and, indeed, the affection of his associates.. In spite of a natural reserve, dignity and courage strengthened his sensitive soul… Life was to him a trusteeship and much of his leisure was devoted to the service of youth. As chairman of a juvenile court he stressed the importance of right relationships between parent and child, and often followed up the findings of the court with closer contacts and friendly personal supervision.'

Leslie F. Church in Times, 10 October 1952

  • Methodist Recorder, 9 and 16 October 1952
  • Times, 3 & 10 October 1952