Woon, William
1804-1858; e.m. 1830

WM missionary to Tonga and New Zealand, he was born on 18 December 1803 at Truro. He was trained as a printer and arrived in Tonga in March 1831. Discouraged in his work and concerned for his wife's health, he resigned in 1834 and travelled to New Zealand, where he took charge of the mission press at Mangungu. Reinstated in 1837, he extended his usefulness both to the church and in the stations for which he was now available. Large in stature, his service was of equal worth whether as a layman or as a ministerial missionary. Of limited financial resources (unlike some of his colleagues) his - and his family's - service was sacrificial in many aspects. He died at Wanganui on 22 September 1858.

  • William Moister, Missionary Worthies, 1782-1885 (1885) pp.45-47