Yooll, Henry
1846-1926; e.m. 1870

PM minister, born on 3 December 1846 at Newcastle upon Tyne, the son of the Rev. Henry Yooll (c.1814-1885; e.m. 1837). He itinerated mainly in the north-east. As a ready author himself, he was encouraging to other writers and was the Connexional Editor 1901-1906. Described as 'one of the greatest personalities the Primitive Methodist Church ever produced', he was said by John G. Bowran to have had 'the insight of the mystic'. He collaborated with James Travis on The Local Preacher's Manual (c.1895) and gave the Hartley Lecture of 1906 on the 'Ethics of Evangelism'. He retired to Gateshead in1914 and died in June 1926.

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