Le Moignan, Christina
1942-  ; e.m. 1972

Born in Harrogate, the daughter of the Revd. Edward F. Le Moignan (1912-1999; e.m. 1944), she was educated at Edgehill College, Bideford, and at Somerville College, Oxford, where she graduated in Classics ('Greats'), taking her MA in 1965. After gaining the Oxford Diploma in Public and Social Administration she studied at the University of Ibadan as a Commonwealth Scholar (1965-70), gained a Ph.D in Political Science in 1970 and subsequently served on the academic staff. She worked briefly with a mental health charity, before preparation for the ministry at Wesley House, Cambridge (1973-6). She was ordained in 1976, and after circuit ministry in Huntingdon, Southampton and Portchester, she was appointed tutor in ethics at The Queen's College, Birmingham in 1989 and Principal of the West Midlands Ministerial Training Course in 1994. She was appointed to the Chair of the Birmingham District in 1996 and elected President of the Conference in 2001-2. She was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Divinity by the University of Birmingham in 2002 and became a supernumerary in 2004.. In 2000 she published Following the Lamb.


Methodist Recorder, 14 June 2001