Bickford, James
1816-1895; e.m. 1838

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WM missionary to the Caribbean andAustralia. He was born in Modbury, Devon, the son of a yeoman farmer and brought up an Anglican. Converted at 16, he joined the WM Church. After serving 14 years in the West Indies, he was posted to Australia for health reasons, where he served in Victoria 1854-1872 (except for two years in Sydney) and then in South Australia, where he was minister at Pirie Street, Adelaide. He was President of the Australasian Conference in 1868 and of the South Australia Conference in 1873 and 1875. He appealed to the British WM Conference for 'men who know how to save souls, men who can endure toil, sound Wesleyans, conservative yet progressive, with the additional recommendation of culture and superior mental power'. A proud Wesleyan and lukewarm towards Methodist Union, he believed the WM ministry to have as much claim to the apostolic succession as any RC or Anglican priest. He died in Adelaide in 1895.

  • Australian Dictionary of Biography