Garlick, Kenneth Benjamin
1923-1993; e.m.1952

Born on 6 January 1923 at Leicester, he served in the war years at an RAF hospital. He trained for the ministry at Headingley College and wrote its history. He was a regular attender at Conference over many years, either as a representative or as an observer, and became an expert on the Methodist ministry and ministerial training. He was the editor of [[Entry:1335 Hill's Arrangement]] from 1971, supplementing it with his own Garlick's Registry (1982). He also filled a gap by listing the earliest itinerants and their circuits in Mr Wesley's Preachers (1977). He was Registrar of the Wesley Historical Society 1969-1974 and its Librarian 1982-1993. His other passion was cricket. He died on 7 May 1993.

  • Methodist Recorder, 27 May 1993
  • WHS Proceedings, 49:3, October 1993, p.100