Leck, Ann Patricia, MBE, née Sarson

Vice-President of the Conference in 2001. She was born in Sutton, Surrey, into a Methodist family and educated at Sutton High School and Leicester Domestic Science College, gaining the Certificate of Education of the University of Leicester Institute of Education in 1958. She married Ian Leck, Professor of Community Medicine at the University of Manchester, in 1959. Between 1958 and 1981 she taught in several schools, at first as a home economics teacher and later as the home-school liaison tutor in Manchester's school for blind and visually impaired children. In 1972 she began training as a remedial counsellor with the Marriage Guidance Council (now Relate), with which she also became a trainer and sex therapist. For twelve years she was a member of Relate's National Executive and its Chair from 1990 to 1994, being awarded the MBE for her services to the organisation in 1995. She served as a lay worker in the Stockport Circuit (1988-1991) and is now a member at Woodstock in the Oxford Circuit. She has held numerous local, circuit, district and connexional offices, being a board member of the Division of Social Responsibility and its Family, Health and Personal Concerns Committee, and a member of the Conference Commission on Human Sexuality [1988-1990]. She is chaplain to Methodist Church House (2006 - ) and a member of the World Methodist Council Executive Committee (2001 - ) and was Chair of the Council's Family Life Committee (2001-2006). She was co-editor of Vows and Partings (2002). Her interests include family, issues of justice and peace, walking, badminton and swimming.

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