Southon, Dr. Arthur Eustace
1887- 1964; e.m. 1910

WM minister and author, born in Willesden, London on 16 February 1887. He trained at Cliff College and Richmond College and served in the Lagos District, Nigeria from 1911 to 1915; then returned after suffering from malaria, which affected his heart.

His experience of West Africa later led to the writing of Ilesha and Beyond: the story of the Wesley Guild medical work in West Africa (1931) and Gold Coast Methodism, the first hundred years, 1835-1935 (1934). He was on the Overseas Missions Committee from 1928 to 1933 and wrote textbooks for West African mission schools. During his ministry in South Petherton 1933-1937 the Coke memorial choir stalls were installed in the parish church. Following service in Bristol circuits 1937-1947 he wrote an account of Edgar Bowden's work in the Bristol Mission. He also wrote stories and novels on biblical themes, notably On Eagles' Wings (1937), used by Cecil B de Mille in directing his film 'The Ten Commandments'. He received an Hon DLitt from Austin Presbyterian College, Texas. He died on 30 December 1964.