Wiles, Carlos E.
1904-1995; e.m. 1926

PM missionary, the son of George Edward Wiles (1869-1958: e.m.1896) who served in Fernando Po 1896 - 1904 and again 1916 - 1924, and in 1929 was appointed connexional Home Missions Secretary.

Carlos Wiles, named after San Carlos, his father's mission station, was educated at Elmfield College and Hartley-Victoria College. Offering for the overseas work in 1929 he went to Uzuakoli in Eastern Nigeria and then in 1932 was appointed Principal of the Oron Boys Training Institute. He served from 1938 in the Ramsgate circuit but in 1940 under wartime conditions returned to Eastern Nigeria in 1940, and continued there until 1956. He played an important part in consolidating the pioneering missionary work in Eastern Nigeria. In 1929 he married Lillian Hanney, daughter of George Henry Hanney (1879-1953: e.m.1902) who served in Eastern Nigeria from 1902 to 1949.

  • Methodist Recorder, 25 May 1995